Prologue: Let’s give it back Cherprang by taking her to ‘Theatre of Dream’

          Minami Takahashi, the first Captain of AKB48 and the first General Manager of 48 Group once said in an annual AKB48 election that ‘every effort will be rewarded’.

However, as an ‘idol,’ one’s effort is simply never enough to make her achieve her goal. She also needs supports from her fans….

          In Thailand back then, when the call for the opportunity to join ‘BNK48’, a Thai branch or ‘a sister group’ of the 48 Group, was announced, many girls felt thrilled and inspired, including one nerdy-looking, glass-wearing girl.


Her name is ‘Cherprang Areekul’.


          She is passionate about everything does, ranging from lab-testing to cosplaying. She attended the event; ‘BNK48, We Need You’ from the very first time. Some might have heard, and even felt jealous, that, later on, she won the top prize at that event. It was the Blu-ray disc of AKB48 legendary Minami Takahashi’s Graduation Concert.

          As if it was destined, Cherprang, later on, became one of the first generation of BNK48 members and was chosen to be the first Captain. During the first year, she trained hard to improve her dancing and singing skills, to become worthy of being a member of BNK48. She also worked hard to make BNK48 become well-known in Thailand. Indeed, she is commonly known as ‘the face of BNK48,’ as she is usually the first member of BNK48 people get to know. Later on, many of them might change to support other members, but this never makes her feel discouraged. Instead, she tries even harder to make BNK48 more widely recognised in Thailand. Being committed to her duties as the Captain of BNK48 and a considerate person, she rarely expresses her personal wishes to her supporters. But once the AKB48 53rd Single Senbatsu General Election, which allows overseas sister groups to enter, was announced, Cherprang decided not to let this chance go and entered the said election, with the hope to become one of the AKB48 senbatsu. Still, being ‘Cherprang,’ she never explicitly tells her supporters that this is her dream. This is what she ever hopes for. Even in her latest live VOOV.

          As supporters of Cherprang, this is the time we should get together in supporting her ardent dream — to join the AKB48’s ‘Theatre of Dream’. It is also the time to let the world knows about this wonderful girl, Cherprang Areekul, how much she has inspired us and how much we love her.
Let’s do this together for our



About AKB48’s Annual Senbatsu Election

          The Senbatsu Election is an annual event where supporters can vote for their favorite AKB48 and sister groups’ member. A pre-selected number of members who win most votes will become part of Senbatsu of the upcoming AKB48 single. In the past, the election usually limit to only Japanese branches of the Group. However, as for the AKB48 53rd Single Senbatsu Election, members of overseas branches of the Group can also enter the election. This is the first time ever, and who knows, it might be the only time, that AKB48 allows overseas sister groups to join the election.


Hence, this might also be the one and only chance for Cherprang to realise her wish to be part of AKB48 Senbatsu.

But this is not simply about realising her dream, it will be a big opportunity for Cherprang herself in many aspects.

Interestingly, almost all singles that are results of elections are highly successful ones, including ‘Koisuru Fortune Cookie’, the one which makes BNK48 widely popular in Thailand.


Previous Results : singles and their centers

  1. 13th Single – Iiwake Maybe – Maeda Atsuko
  2. 17th Single – Heavy Rotation – Oshima Yuko
  3. 22nd Single – Flying Get – Maeda Atsuko
  4. 27th Single – Gingham Check – Oshima Yuko
  5. 32nd Single – Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Sashihara Rino
  6. 37th Single – Kokoro no Placard – Watanabe Mayu
  7. 41st Single – Halloween Night – Sashihara Rino
  8. 45th Single – LOVE TRIP – Sashihara Rino
  9. 49th Single – #SukiNanda – Sashihara Rino

          If she is part of the next election single, the chance is high that she will be part of one of the ‘legendary’ singles of AKB48. It will certainly help make people in Japan and other countries to get to know about Cherprang and learn how wonderful she is, as we do. More importantly, she will also have the chance to learn more about dancing, singing and other skills from the ‘Senpai’ or AKB48.

          Last but not least, this is not only the opportunities for Cherprang but is also one for us, her supporters, to show her our solidarity by helping her realising her dream. Let’s do this together for our beloved Cherprang!

Campaign ‘Vote for Cher’

How to be one of the ‘World Senbatsu’

          To make Cherprang be one of the ‘World Senbatsu,’ it means that the number of votes for her should be ranked among top 16. To this end, we have made some calculation based on previous election results by ‘the linear regression analysis via least square method’ equation, to see how many votes it needs. As a result, we speculated that the numbers of votes needed are 53,681.4.

The linear regression equation is as follows:


Amount of votes = 5282.3x Year – 10606000 , R-square = 73.86 %

The figure displays the number of votes needed for each position in previous elections.


How can we get the aforementioned amount of votes?

The right to vote for this election is included in AKB48’s 52nd Single. (One CD, One vote) There are two types of this cd single:

  1. Theatre edition – price: 1,028.00 Yen (incl. VAT)
  2. Regular edition – price: 1,646.00 Yen (incl. VAT)

There might be some other channels to vote e.g. via 48 Group Official Fan club but it is yet to be announced.


Would like to support Campaign ‘Vote for Cher’?

          If you want to support Cherprang, but ordering CDs from Japan is too inconvenient, we could help you for that. Our team will buy CDs from Japan both from the AKB48 theatre and from CD records shops in Japan. We will then get the voting code from CDs (and vote for Cherprang!) and re-sell those CDs to second-handed shops in Japan, so as to get some more money to buy more CDs (and vote for Cherprang!). If we cannot re-sell them, we will get rid of them in accordance with Japan’s recycle law. It is our decision not to ship those CDs back to Thailand, to reduce the costs for this campaign.

For transparency, the graph on the top of this website displays in real time how many votes has gone to Cherprang i, as a result of donation support from her fans.

There are some gifts we have prepared for those who support the campaign. For further information or any enquiry with regard to the donation system, please do not hesitate to contact our team via:

Campaign Vote for Cher

Donate Link

Thai fans


Foreign fans

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